Philip Bölter Songtext Hey Child

Hey Child
aus dem Album Excerpt (2018)

Hey Child,

here’s what I’ve got for you

this is all that’s left, I did my best to save it up for you

Hey child

this is the way the party goes

the volume’s raised up but the music’s level is low

Hey child

I knew your father’s eyes

you could say he saw it coming but at last he looked surprised

Hey child

go out and see the world

there used to be more colors but we turned it all into dirt

Hey child

I hope you learn from my mistakes

I believe in you, now it’s up to you to make the grade

Take what’s left

make it right

steer a middle course

in the last nick of time

Rise up

what we brought down/ broke down

Take the last light of love

and shine it all around

Hey child

make it right

Oh child

when does this party end

when our days are all gone the night will last long

There’s only one last song to sing

Oh child

I hope you safe that thing

© Philip Bölter 2017

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