Philip Bölter Songtext Night

aus dem Album Excerpt (2018)

Street lights

Shining in the night

Little flies are in belief

The moon is shining bright

Sleep tight

They're going out tonight

Children lying upstairs

Floating in the night

Oh take it in, take it in

Red wine

Filling my mind

The wind is blowing through the leafs

Telling lullabies

Dreams fly

Above us in the sky

My hands reach out to catch them all

So many, my oh my!

Oh take it in, oh take it in

Tired eyes

The Day kisses good-bye

Leaving many mysteries

That answers you might find

Look up

It's all written in the stars

The night's telling it's secrets

That already are in your heart

Oh take it in, take it in

© Philip Bölter 2014

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