Philip Bölter Songtext Sansula Blues

Sansula Blues
aus dem Album Excerpt (2018)

A light that shines

out of blue eyes

a soft voice cries

just arrived

a baby born

welcome to life

take this chance

to make this right

Down in Africa

a child is born

his mama’s poor

his papa’s gone

his brother’s working in the poison

for 10 cents a day

a fat man in the west

burns the earth’s treasures away

The world is so insane

The world is so confused

And I just sit around and pray

singing this Sansula blues

This is the only place

where we live and die

now you sit and pray

while one wonders why

Wherever there is war

be peaceful inside

all this fighting in policy

is no fighting between you and I

We got air to breathe

and food that grows

trees and seas

and rivers that flow

rather lean from the forest

rather live in the wild

rather play on a lawn

rather stay to be a child

It starts with yourself

it depends on what you do

stand up and ring the bell

singing this Sansula blues

This world can be so good

there’s no win and there’s no lose

Heal the world and tell the truth

singing the Sansula blues

© Philip Bölter 2017

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